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Thread: 303 inert rounds

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    303 inert rounds

    still looking for a 303 inert round for the display cabinet ? 1 or 2 or even 3 would be good.

    thank you

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    Bob, I have some brass all sized and ready to go I'm told, I also have some .310 bullets, 150 grain FMJ and maybe some 187 grain expanding.
    Don't have any 303 dies, but may be able to seat some bullets using a 7.62x39 die, give me a call.
    Spent primers maybe an issue though, seeing as my 7.62x39 has disappeared in darkest Kent while being threaded I can't produce any.


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    I have a few here somewhere. I'll have a dig around for you
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    I can do you a few with "killed" unstruck primers and 180 or 190 gn FMJ.
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