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Thread: Grumpy Farmer

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    Grumpy Farmer

    well the wife came home early today so i thought id take the opportunity to take a quick trip to a few local farms and enquire about the possibility of obtaining a bit of rabbit shooting.
    the first 2 farmers where really nice friendly old timers, the first fella has someone already shooting his land but he would give him a call and see what he says about sharing, told him not to worry it's ok (don't like standing on peoples toes), so he pointed me in the direction of the neighbouring farm and told me to tell him that he had sent me. Again hell of a nice fella invited me in and offered me a cup of Tea, started talking and he said he has someone shooting also but the guy was due to go abroad for a while in the summer, So he took my number and said he would give me a phone when it becomes available. So happy as a pig in P##h i headed off.

    On my route home i noticed a farm a bit further back from the road surrounded by fields of livestock cows, sheep usual, so i thought id give it a shot, i mean what's the worst that could happen right? he could say no, fair enough. Well holy s##t balls, did he no just rant about how he's fed up with us southern boys coming up here for free shooting and taking work away from locals (just to clarify i do have a slight southern accent) he then started ranting about the referendum and how peace will be returned. at this point i just interrupted him and said "that will be a no then, look really sorry to have bothered you, have a good day". i started walking to my van i could still hear him ranting. so i jumped in and drove away.
    just goes to show how different some people can be from the nicest 2 fellas you could ever meet to well whatever that was. kind of put a dampener on the 2 previous farms but hey ho..


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    I suppose you don't get anywhere without trying.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Ha Ha Ha Chris send me to the farm I will get the permission in your name lol

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    Bet the old bast&art votes conservative.
    should have asked him, as you was leaving, just how many pounds () you have contributed to his grants......
    parisitic bast4 ard

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    Dont set me off on farmers, just left a shooting mate who went to school with the farmers son,who now runs the whole farm,etc.
    Andy, my mate happened to drop out that the farmer had been moaning to him about those bloody deer,eating all his profits.
    So I get him to phone,it went something like.Hi [m...] I have a guy here has all the certs very trustworthy,not going to shoot everything in sight,will only come when,suits large amount of money available.
    Reply,oh there are loads,saw 50/60 out this mornin, but I do like to see them about,so no,thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alan View Post
    Bet the old bast&art votes conservative.
    should have asked him, as you was leaving, just how many pounds () you have contributed to his grants......
    parisitic bast4 ard
    WTF! Grumpy equals votes conservative?? Please explain? Cos when I think of Scottish and labour in the same sentence I automatically see visions of that great life and soul of the party Gordon Brown.

    I'm obviously very confused.

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    That’s life no matter if Scottish, English or welsh there’s always a grumpy old fart and people that will give you the time of day.
    Not sure which bracket i come under but if the gates shut don’t come knocking

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    I always remember a couple of years a go, I went asked a farmer for some permission to take ferrets and terriers , I started to ask him politely and before I had even finished speaking he slammed the door in my face, nice chap eh lets just say never went back and fingers crossed the little bunnies ate all his prize carrots

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    Reports in the media confirm farming is on the way up, no need to be Grumpy cheer up

    Farmers enjoyed inflation-busting pay rises of more than 13 per cent last year, as most workers saw wages outstripped by rising living costs.
    While IT workers, hoteliers and miners saw pay fall in 2013, life was good down on the farm.

    The dramatic increase in earnings from agriculture might go some way to explaining why farmers report higher levels of job satisfaction than higher-paid teachers, estate agents and architects

    New figures show that total income from farming hit 5.464billion last year, up 13 per cent on 2012.

    It means overall earnings from producing food for the nation has doubled since 2000, fuelled by increased demand at home and abroad.

    A separate breakdown of average weekly wages also shows farmers earned 13 per cent more in at the end of 2013 than in January.
    Humans are pre wired with fight or flight response
    Great Grandad fought, Grandad fought.
    For the sake of my Grandchild I wish for Less Flight responses entering Europe

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    First farmer I have heard of going to vote for Scottish independence.
    Most of them are threatening to leave the country.
    Still shouldn't be a problem with current opinion poles running at 65% No and 25% Yes.

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