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Thread: the ultimate stalking vehicle

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    the ultimate stalking vehicle

    see ebay item - 290205912310

    The Lab and the carcase box are not included, but you can have the mud for free.

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    I u8se a Jeep Grand Cherokee, a diesel one, and I have to agree with you they are good, wee, Jeep did start it all off. I don't know about light off roading but mine has done some pretty heavy stuff, and a good deal of the time it has been pulling a trailer with a quad on it.

    I think because they do not possess the huge separate sub frame that a lot of 4 wheel drive vehicles do people tend to disregard them. I got mine a couple of years back following back surgery. I had to, I had been driving Land Rovers since God was a boy, but, after the surgery I was walking about like a half closed knife whenever I got out of it, so I had to embrace comfort and one og those heater things. I like that! I thought at first that I would not be able to go the same places that I did in my Land Rovers, but not the case, it has BF Goodridge All Terrains fitted and I had a two inch body lift done, and it does me just fine. If I had realised I would have made the change years ago.


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    ebay item number - 290209433880

    washed and readvertised - lots of interest - grab yourself a bargain.

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    is the car available in red?....
    the colour it is at the moment may clash with my eyes!!.....just kidding, ad looks of luck!!!



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