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    260 Rem

    Just had my variation back for a 260 rem, first choice was a Sako 85 stainless varmint laminated just like my 204 but delivery estimate is at least 6 months .
    But I've just spotted this on guntrader.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	P4221978.jpg 
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ID:	41540Click image for larger version. 

Name:	P4221979.jpg 
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ID:	41541
    Tikka 590 Master Continental, Shilen match barrel ASE mod, not sure if mounts included - 1000
    Seems a good deal to me, Maybe someone on here knows something about this rifle.


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    I would see if the round count is known and also who did the barrel work. Any previous targets are always interesting. Looks good though. I know it's not a 260 but have you seen the post on UK Varminting for the 6.5/284 for sale?
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    That's a deluxe stock, not a continental.

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    Like 20-250 said, that is the Deluxe Stock not a Continental. Another thing to query is the Barrel. Shilen do not offer Fluted Barrels, therefore its either not a Shilen or it has been done Independently. I am not saying the Rifle is not OK but these are points worth asking about. I would also expect it to be correctly Bedded for that money.


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    Right and right, that stock is not a continental and the seller rebarrelled and fluted it himself, will have to check it out carefully. But then again I do love my sako 85 so maybe it's worth waiting for.

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    Check with Bushwear, i just bought a Sako85 in 22-250 got it in 3 days, they might have a 260Rem

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