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Thread: Sika Stag

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    Sika Stag

    I'm off up to North Harris for the week starting 18/10/10 and would like to shoot a Sika stag on the way up, does anyone know where would be best to do this and who to contact, would aim to do the 14/15 October. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, would like an 8-10 pointer ideally?


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    8 to 10 pointer ehh

    Best of luck there my friend. You will indeed be very very lucky to shoot a wild 10 point Jap Stag in the UK, but in particular in Scotland. 8 pointers are about as much as they will go in Scotland, although a few lucky folk I have had have taken a 9 pointer, but to guarantee anyhting over an 8 point you will pushing your luck as an agent/stalker.

    I will be up on my lease in early October and if you want a crack at a Sika Stag you are welcome, but I would not make any guarantees on an 8 pointer unless you are there for a week, and even then I would tell you that I would expect you to take a good representative head during this time, or indeed better at no extra cost if the opportunity arose.



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    If you want an8 or 10 or a 12 point sika your best to go to Pebbles area there you can shoot two 4,s or a 6 n 4 or TWO 6,s This will give you the desired points Sorry couldn't help it.

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    Many a true word spoken in jest!

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    Turn the car around fela your going the wrong way..


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    Very nice Terry

    Scotland will not produce the higher quality that you get in Dorset as a rule. However there are some very good Sika in Scotland, but even in Dorset you will be hard pushed to find a 9 or 10 pointer at the drop of a hat in a few days.

    Looking forward to coming down in a few weeks to see you and I know Wada's is itching to have a go at those Dorset Sika.



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    A,up Malc..

    Your not wrong mate we saw some monster sika on the SD trip up in Scotland..

    Still trying to find the snake i lost in the bedroom you and sandra are staying in


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    Thats all right Terry, I need a new belt and a snake skin one would be nice

    I will make sure I bring me big knife


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    Good luck in your search for a 10 pointer wherever you go - 8 points is the norm for a mature sika, anything more is an abnormality!

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