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    Question shooting with mirage

    hi all, not been on here for a loooong time! after some advise on shooting with mirage. as i understand it, the mirage causes the target to appear to be in a different place to where it actual is? is there a way to guage how much affect the mirage has had? thanks for any input

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    At normal/sensible stalking shot ranges mate it would be only a few mm's difference, if any at all.
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    it can lift an image but it can also move an image around randomly depending on wind. If shooting long range avoid shooting on a boil as this usually indicates a change in conditions that will effect shot and wait for consistent mirage movement it will be easier to call wind. Mirage is a useful tool for a long range shooter when there are not alot of other indicators. As above though at ranges we hunt its not an issue

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    thanks for the replies. im not talking about stalking distances. gr1ffer, you say it can make the target apear to be moving, so how do you know if your actually shooting at the target and not the mirage? is there something simple such as left to right mirage = 1 moa for each 100 yards or is it not that simple? thanks

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    not really as depending on surface temp, air temp and density ect you can get various severities of mirage so there is no hard fast rule honestly ive never found mirage displacement an issue even when firing 1000+ in the stan check out the link ive used it before as reference when training

    South Texas Marksmanship Training Center - Reading Mirage

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    thanks for the info and link. looks like i have note to worry about

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