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Thread: Optilocks and thread lock... Yes or no.

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    Optilocks and thread lock... Yes or no.

    Hi guys
    I will shortly be fitting a set of optilock rings and bases to a tikka T3 in 270 cal. Having not used the two piece optilocks before, I am wondering if I should use a smidgen of blue thread lock to the bolts joining the rings to the bases , the aim being to avoid the possibility of the rings loosening on the bases under recoil. (I have seen this happen before)

    I would be be interested to hear your views on this.

    Many thanks.

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    Never felt the need to use threadlock but if it gives you piece of mind go for it, can't do any harm


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    I concur. Threadlock is very sensible.
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    Anyone care to recommend which loctite number to use on mounts? I have seen lots of options. Don't want to ruin anything.

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    Ive used optilocks for 12 year's or more and I've never glued them, why on earth for.

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    Hi All,

    I've 5 sets of Optilocks and have never found it necessary for a locking compound. But, if it gives more confidence and peace of mind then do it!

    Nail varnish lacquer was recommended to me by a very competent Gunsmith as a first try if one has any doubts about things working loose on a rifle? but, if anybody is going down the compound road then 222 is the one to use as it is "Tool Strength" meaning, the lock can be broken with normal hand tools and screwdriver bits"

    Hope this might help.

    Best regards to all,

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    I have optilocks on my 595 .308 and although I have only owned it for 8 months i have had no issues with zero shift/ moving mounts. Very well engineered but if you feel the need I can't see it doing any harm

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    I just installed Optilocks on a Sako today, no thread locker. Williams and Weaver sell thread lockers, just for scopes and sights.

    I use bare metal, steel to steel, and oil the threads for rust prevention, with Rem Oil, something which will not dry and gum up. I have had to use heat and all kinds of things to remove screws stuck with Loctite Red, and even Blue. If I were using it for a set screw, I would use the lowest strength, softer Loctite, 222 Purple.

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    Do Sako recomend the use of thread lock with Optilocks?

    No, they don't, it's not necessary even on big recoiling rifles and can cause serious problems if not used properly. On riflesmith I spoke to said he get loads of work on seized mounts/rails etc due to over zealous use of thread lock type compounds.

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