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Thread: Mac Wet Gloves

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    Mac Wet Gloves

    Ive had 4 of theses inside 12 months and they all have the same problem they go on the seams on either the fingers or the back of the hands at nigh on 30 a pair they are not good value. though that are a good glove thin enough to shoot and load in with no problem.

    so what do you guys use ?

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    ash had a pair of mac wet for a couple of years still going
    strong at the moment
    the only gloves ive ever been able to shoot in
    also bought a couple of pairs of laksen from the sportsmans
    bargain bucket they have been brilliant if id have known at the time how good they were i would have bought the lot
    regards pete

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    I've got 2 pairs of Macwets - a 'long/thick' (can't remember the proper name - is it climatec?? ) pair for game shooting (done 2 seasons and no reals signs of wear), and last September I bough a pair of unlined ones for warm-weather pigeon shooting (various other gloves have been too bulky or too 'floppy' for cartridge stuffing).

    Happy enough with 'em so far, although I doubt the climatec ones would keep your pinkies uber-toasty when it gets seriously brass monkeys...



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    For stalking I use Camo-Skinz:

    If it's wet I stick my hands in my pockets


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    I'm with Willie on the Cabelas gloves - I also have a couple of pairs of camo skinz (goretex lined ones) that I wear for foxing; great for keeping some feeling in your fingers if you're the one holding the lamp into the teeth of a bitterly cold wind!!

    Had the camo skinz for about 5 years now, and still doing the job. Take 'em off carefully though...if you pull the liner inside out from the glove it's a bugger of a job to try and get it back in again properly, and don't try and take 'em off then out 'em on again if your hands are wet - it just don't work!! (It's "put them on, keep them on"). But - they do give enough sensitivity to be able to feel the trigger, operate the safety catch, etc. Like them.

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    Maybe you are taking too small a glove, wanting that second skin feel ?


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    according to the size chart I'm a size 9.5 and the gloves are a size 10

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    Ash you know what they say about men with big hands

    Ash you know what they say about men with big hands.
    They need big gloves

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