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    Brno cz537

    Morning all,
    I've been offered a rifle at a good price (sub 300) however I haven't heard much about that model.

    its a BRNO CZ537, sporter stock, has a detach mag and a set of rings fitted.

    the foresight will need to go (for a mod) the barrel is currently at 24" will chopping it have much effect on accuracy? I want the rifle to do 'double duty' as a stalking rifle for DSC and beyond, plus I'd like to have a bash at some target stuff (out to around 500m)

    thoughts gents?

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    Cz537 was an intermediate model between the zkk 600's and the cz 550. It was gradually phased out as the 550 took hold, just as the 550 is currently being phased out by the 557. It was basically a cz 527 in larger calibres. Nothing wrong with that! Don't know much about cutting the barrels down, I like to leave them as they left the factory...

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    Cheers, think I'm going to buy it.
    ill probably struggle on a McQueen, but hey that's part of the fun

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