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Thread: Kidneys in our out

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    Kidneys in our out

    General consensus on leaving in the kidneys during the gralloch

    personally I prefer to remove to keep the tract intact to remove any chance of leakage/ contamination

    on the plus side they taste delicious, with the liver a few mushrooms and a bit of bacon, mug of tea and toast, what more could you ask for, only downside is the dark looks you get from the dog, if you don't share it with him

    your thoughts ?

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    I always take them out, treat for the dog for finding the deer

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    Depends on whether you want to keep them or not? Unless you have a bag/container to put them in, once they are out it is very hard to keep them clean. I know they have a thin film on them, but even so, they attract every bit of dirt around them!

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    Always leave liver and kidneys in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David T View Post
    Always leave liver and kidneys in.
    Always take them out and have a look at them I keep the liver in a clean freezer bag put in the frigde when I get home so it can chill down then put in the freezer ,when I get ten or more I bring them to one of the framers markets and swap them for a chocolate cake , she then uses them to make pate and sell little pots of it ,I do like a good trade

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    Out and in the fryin pan along with a bit of liver and a duck egg, the way to end a good mornings stalking.

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    Not a big job to check them over while still fitted to the chassis, tend to get squashed in your pocket on the way out, then a full check over back at base. Marvin & Brian have just had the left overs from Greenfield.
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    I always leave in, bit of extra weight at the dealers over the course of a season!



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    The answer to this is very much governed by what you intend to do with the carcass? If you are just keeping them clean until you get home to a larder or to eat them youself, then it is fine.
    However, if you intend to leave them fitted to go on to a game dealer then it is not acceptable! It is a requirement to remove and inspect the organs as part of the gralloch process. How can you properly inspect them if they are still fitted and with a covering of fat as they often have?
    The DSC 2 portfolio gives fairly clear indication of what should be done here:
    3.3 Dress deer carcass ready to enter the food chain according to legal requirements. Dress deer by removing: the head, hooves, any remaining internal organs. Avoid unnecessary contamination or damage to carcass. Unavoidable minor contamination removed. Observation
    supported by
    3.4 Inspect carcass, organs and lymph sites for normality according to legal requirements. Internal inspection to include the mesenteric lymph nodes and where available the retropharyngeal and
    Sub-maxillary. If not available then
    2 of the following lymph nodes:
    portal, gastric, bronchial, mediastinal.
    Thoracic organs, head and hooves and reproductive state inspected.
    Apart from that, the liver and kidneys contain bodily waste products and toxins which spoil much quicker than the rest of the carcass. If left in for any length of time, the contents leech out and have the potential to ruin the best part of the carcass. I always remove and inspect them. They then get bagged up with the heart, liver and diaphragm and sealed for the trip home. I carry a roll of white swing bin liners for this very purpose. I have a few friends which enjoy a trimmed liver or two, the rest gets chopped up for the dogs dinner!
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