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    Hi all , just thought i would drop a few lines to introduce myself.

    Mainly a wildfowler and collector of big bore guns, but have had various rifles for over twenty years mainly for fox control on a few estates around lincs / notts area .

    Would like to branch out into stalking and stumbled upon this site , which has impressed me a lot to say the least.

    Hope to glean some good information from its members and like wise if i can help anyone with anything that i know will gladly do so .

    Cheers Double four

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    Hello and welcome to the site double four.

    As you have realised there is lots of info on here and friendly people to help and offer advice.

    Where abouts in Lincs are you based?.


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    Hi Double 4, glad that you have joined..

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    hi Wadas, im now living in North lincs in the sticks between S****horpe and Doncaster

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    Hi and Welcome. I am from Lincolnshire (Now) as well. Down near sunny Skeggie.

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