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Thread: Deer tracking dog North Yorkshire.

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    Deer tracking dog North Yorkshire.

    Just wondering if there is anyone in North Yorkshire who has a tracking dog. Been out tonight and shot a buck. It was shot on a small ride and i watched it into some brash. I gave it 10 mins and went to find it. As I was looking a saw it walking the other side but couldn't get a shot. It was Hit in the chest.with the light fading I didnt want to keep pushing it so I came out. I'm going to take my dog in the morning for a look but just wondered if I don't find it is there anyone about.

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    If you can send me a pm of details I can come out in morning I have just been messaged to let me know of this post I am still out but will respond later on and I am free tomorrow to try to help, atb Wayne
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    Or try Widu. I suggest you try to contact them before you make an attempt with your own dog. They will tell you what to do to give the best chance of success.

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    Well done Wayne, you got in there while I was tapping away.

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