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Thread: which one?

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    which one?

    its renewal time for me and i just thought i would ask,to see how many would go for a .243 or a .25 06? go easy n each other lads i dont want you falling out over this

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    To me that would all depend what you were going to use it for. But 25 06 for me.

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    as already stated it depends on what you are stalking ? if you were going to take any reds at all or your main species was fallow 25-06 but if not then i would go for the .243 i used to have one and to be fair to it it was a nice little rifle to shoot

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    I go all misty eyed when I think about that Sako .243, wish I still had it for foxing! 8)

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    Loved my .243 Andy

    The Sika and Fallow in Dorset werent so keen

    25-06 if it were my renewal


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    I would choose a .270 mate.

    I would also think about the availability of ammo from your nearest shop. Having never owned a 25-06 i aint sure how common the ammo is, but you can get .243 from anywhere, it`s a tried and tested round which does the job.


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    Hmmmm it will depend on what you want to use it for as the others have said. Now wadashot raises a good point about ammo avialabilty. I was lucky as my local shop carries a fair selection in 25-06 but it certainly ain't common in the UK from my experieince, limited even though it is with the 25-06 , if you think .243 is too small then yes the .270 is excellent. As I believe I have mentioned before is that ifi it's a close toss up chose the rifle that feels best to you.

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    im thinking roe/fallow as i have my .308 for larger deer. i used a 25 06 a few weeks back and it was a really nice round (cheers malc)

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    243 for me but it depends whether you shoot wild boar as you cant do it with a 243 300wincester mag or bmg50 are good out to a mile if your in to longer rainges just kiding 243 for me fao wouldent give me bmg50for roe deer

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    Well Andy as you know I have 243, 25.06 and 270 amongst some of my armoury

    But for a flat shooting knock em down round the 25.06 is my choice. I have even used it in Africa on Wildebeest and they all went down. Ammo might be a bit hard to source as some have mentioned, but I have never been in a shop where it was not available. However I load all my own so if you were stuck I am sure I could sort something out if you decide to go the 25.06 route.

    See you very soon


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