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Thread: cheap bipod

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    cheap bipod

    Looking to buy a cheap bipod for my .270 , not too worried about one on my .22 but will eventually will need one for the .243

    willing to spend about 30 on a decent second hand one ,

    I have seen loads of cheap bipods on ebay but to be fair I don't wanna waste money on complete tat that will be useless and I don't know enough about bipods to tell what is a good one or not.

    The reason for the low budget is , New baby, 3 boys , two cars , my hunting budget is dwindling severely , between lamping equipment and rifles my budget is getting to the point of being non existent and with a holiday in 2 months to Norfolk it is all go lol

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    20:99 ebay harris rip off

    Extreme Precision Hunting Shooting Air Rifle Gun Swivel Sniper Bipod 6" - 9"

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    yer I was just looking at the one on ebay, just wondering what the quality is like though as I really aint no expert in fact I have never had a bipod on any gun i owned even back in my air rifle days. never seen the point but I thought I should bite the bullet now that I am taking a lot more shts from the bonnet of my truck

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    use you sack feller or a sandbag on a rubber mat, much better of the bonnet than a pod i have a small pack that i use you can get more stable and at a better rest point. i use them only when on the range . sitting home made Quad stick standing the same

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    thats what i been doing , like off my rucksack , might just carry on doing that and get myself a bean/sand bag

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    I've have a fixed ( does not swivel ) bipod that you can have for whatever it costs me to post it.


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    best way and its free feller

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    I got a sniper systems one from ebay, it's got the padlock leaver type thing that you can get as an extra for the harris.

    Think i paid 34 in an auction brand new, the quality is just shy of the harris, but very good for the money and I've not managed to break it yet!!

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    looking to buy 30 round mag for Ruger mini 14.

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