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Thread: Girl Stalker!

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    Girl Stalker!


    Not only am I new to a forum but completely new to deer stalking. I've only ever used a 20 bore shot gun on driven pheasant shoots!!!!! I shot my first Roe buck last year after a day out just for the experience and have been desperate to go back ever since! I returned from Scotland yesterday having shot 4 Roe bucks in my day and a half I had out! I'm still buzzing and boring everyone with my endless stalking tales, hence joining the forum where someone might listen to me!! I've been using a .270 Steyr Mannlicher which is my new baby!! Planning to go back at the end of May, but really hanging out for my first Red stag in September! Any helpful tips from all you pros will be seriously appreciated.

    Thank you x

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    Welcome nice to see more ladies getting into deerstalking , I'm not sure if you have anything lined up for a stag but Colin aka solway stalker on here has a good reputation
    atb Jim
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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    Welcome, sounds like you have the bug!! You should be spoilt for choice down there for a few Reds in the Autumn...

    Enjoy the forum.


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    How do you know it's a girl? It might be a man that stalks girls!
    Welcome to the site either way! There's plenty of the latter on here so I'm sure you'll be made welcome.

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    Welcome, but why go back to Scotland when you have big red stags on your door step?

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    Welcome to the SD.
    A girl that shoots a .270!!!!!! I didn't like my bosses cos it thumped me too much

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    Thanks Jim,

    I'm going back to The Ballindalloch estate for my red as I really want to have my stalker with me who taught me the ropes, I owe a lot to him. Although I probably won't be singing his praises so much when I end up bankrupt!

    Girl stalker! X

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    Definitely have the bug Hants! I should be bankrupt this time next year!!!

    Girl stalker! X

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    Thank you! That made me laugh! Not a great deal of thought went into that user name!

    Girl stalker! X

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    On the right track with a steyr mannlicher for starters
    welcome from another steyr user only in boys calibres though
    norma 308

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