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Thread: Salmon fishing for Muntjac stalking

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    Salmon fishing for Muntjac stalking

    Hi, I could arrange fishing on the Tyne for a go at Muntjac, trying to go through my list of do before its too late


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    Whereabouts on the tyne

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    Around Corbridge, near Hexham, also a possibility on the N. Tyne

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    I have access to quite a lot of fishing on the Tyne, if anybody is thinking of doing a swap with thitlew you are in with the chance of some big fish. The Tyne is a great river with salmon over 30lb.

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    Thanks for that Casper, where do you fish on the Tyne?

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    hi there,
    i may well be interested,

    please pm me with a no and i,ll give you a call

    kind regards


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