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Thread: Can I get a six year old to start tracking deer.

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    Can I get a six year old to start tracking deer.

    I have a six year old lab cross who is a family pet but I have taken him beating and he hunts well, finds fallen game but is reluctant to pick up unless it is in water! He has a very gentle temperament and is steady although could be better!
    i am new to stalking having only really been doing it seriously for 2 years and now am wondering if my old dog could be useful as well as company stalking. How do I go about finding out? Is it just a case of taking him along? Should I keep him on a shortish (few metres) lead for the first few times? Is there a course I can do with him?
    any help very welcome.


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    Of course you can.

    As long as he is an eager to please his master type.

    Shoot deer and as many as possible with him and take him to find the shot deer by coming up into the wind and all the time encouraging him until you both actually walk into the deer.

    Make a fuss of him until he knows that he is the wonder dog.

    A piece of liver as a reward..(labs are guts) and that alone will have him 'on the job' very quickly.

    Its not hard at all but you need to do it often and then more often.
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    Thanks sounds like I now have a stalking companion

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    Hey up big ears, I would take him out with the rifle first, preferably a .22 rimfire with mod, or even an air rifle, just to make sure he's not gunshy, if he passes the test, take him out, keep him at heel, and hey that's the company/companion bit sorted(if his general obedience training is already in place), the tracking part will follow as sure as eggs are eggs, if he cut's the mustard away you go, Labs are very versatile and adapt hunter's, it's mainly up to you to watch and pick up on the dogs behaviour, you will be fine, keep him /her close when stalking and give him/her there head when hunting, watch and learn and enjoy a better stalking experience. Good hunting and good luck to you both.

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    My lab was same age,before he stared coming stalking with me he's a decent gun dog but had done no deer work, took to it straight away good for finding runners. Only problem is he gets exited as in his tail goes nuts but I don't know if its deer, pheasant, or even rabbit that's got him excited.

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    Thanks guys that's what I want to here. Am going to take him out on a few dummy stalks over a friends land where we know there are some roe but we are not planning to cull this year. The hope is to see how he reacts and see if he will stay close and not get carried away. If he passes the test he will then start yo come out with me in earnest. I know he is not gun shy as he has been with me with beating and as a standing gun.


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