HI Gents

I have some surplus brass to my needs(How much brass do you need) Its mostly once fired RG (radway green), I have been using it for years and i think its great brass, my lapua brass shoots a smidge better but I hate loosing cases in the field. my gun shoots 1/2 moa with a soft point bullet in this brass.

I have 530 cases Mixed head cases including 53 civilian brass headstamp, 16 DAG, 47no. Lake city, 32no. Federal, 34no. hornady the rest is mixed years of RG brass. I know for certain there are 56no. Rorg, and 54no. RG03 in this amount.

530 cases weighs around 4.5 kilos, Im asking 35 posted which includes 14 worth of postage. Feel free to offer collection from redditch.

Paypal or bank transfer, it will be signed for delivery, and is likely to go out next Saturday although I would do my best to send it out as soon as physically possible. I have chance to post it tomorrow if anyone wants urgently.