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Thread: Taxidermy 2014 season

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    Taxidermy 2014 season

    Hi, guys - the 2014 season is well underway and best of luck to you all with your hunting. Should you be lucky enough to shoot something special and want it mounting, just a few tips to help with the carcase to keep it in good condition for mounting. Pics attached on how to skin and an example of a Gold medal buck to whet the appetite.
    The best shot is the bullet passing behind both shoulder blades. Gralloch in the normal way, but do not bleed but empty the blood back through the diaphram. Take special care with the carcase when romoving it from the field. You do not want it to rub on anything hard. Once the cape is skinned off, let it get completely cold and double bag and seal and freeze. When skinning, just go as far up the neck as you are comfortable with ( like removing a sock, no cuts up the back of the neck) and sever with a butchers saw, as it gets tight and it is easy to make holes in the skin. Do not skin off the head - leave this to me. Remember too, always leave more skin than you think you will need. Big bucks, especially in the rut can have torn up capes, so check the cape for scars, torn ears etc, as it may not be suitable, therefore, I suggest you keep back all prime capes for possible future use - I will accept prime capes in part exchange for a mount too. Hope this helps, and don't hesitate to contact me for any advice. Telephone number as above or direct email @ ATB Bill.
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