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Thread: undescened testicle in spaniels

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    undescened testicle in spaniels

    i was jist wondering if anyone has any experience off undescended testicles in a spaniel (i believe it can be fairly common) and wot the best course off action is. the vets say this can increase the risk off testicular cancer and best to carstate, i have since been asking around some local spaniel breeders/trainers and the more old school say they never used to bother carstrating and never noticed any adverse effects

    the dog will be 2 this april so no desperate hurry yet but the vet advised castration of both balls. i am slightly worried that about the influence that the lack of testosterone will have on his behavior, metabolism and coat. would it be better to only take the undescended testicle off and leave the other.

    i generaly would not question a vet and have complete cofidence in my vet, but i was jist wanting to get as much info as possible so i can ask the right questions.

    jist to make life more complicated i have done some internet research and some "sources" claim that it is possible to bred off a dog with this condition if when u operate they find the tube connecting the testsis is long enough to have let the testicle drop and so not a genetic flaw.

    i wouldn't normally even think about breeding form him, it's jist i have never had a dog like him. his natural instinct's and nose are brilliant, been very easy to train and a great personality. i would love to take the credit for training him to the standard but he has jist trained himself, pure natural ability. he is also a rite old fashioned big spaniel the way i think they should be (28kg not a scrap off fat, and same size as my lab with a longer back)and very athletic. i would love to take pups off him in the future for myself if he carries on the way he's going now, but i would not if i was increasing the chance off a genetic defect in the line. i am going to phone the breeder (i bought him off a 3rd party)who bred him to see if any others in the line have a history off similar problems

    any advice and experiences are much appreaciated

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    My Spaniel also had a retained testicle and I had him castrated on the advice of my vet. He was three years old at the time and to be honest, he didn't displayed much in the way of testosterone and wasnt bothered by bitches in season before castration. I've always thought this was something to do with the retained testicle. Having him castrated didn't changes his personality or hunting drive. He's 12 now and hasn't had any adverse effects.

    I would recommend castrating him and getting another pup at a later date. Better to be safe than sorry. Not to mention the vets bills if things do develop later on in his life.



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    undescended testicls can result in a higher risk of cancer and also can be passed down the male line, as you dont know if there is a gentic problem it may be wise to seek a second verterinary opinion with regards castration

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