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Thread: Change of powder

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    Change of powder

    Hi all,Im looking for a powder similar to varget as i can't get it anywhere.So i will have to start buying something else for my reloads. It's for .308 firing 150 gr bullets ,any help would be helpfull,thanks BC

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    I use 44 gr Viht.140, for 155 SMK, approx 73. You could also use TR140 from nitro chemie in switzerland. Their reloading details on website.
    Nigel at commonside at Bisley is the importer

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    Alliant Reloder 15 is very close to Varget & works just as good in 308.


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    There's a few alternatives. TR140 is a good one. As is ramshot tac or wildbore. RL15 is now also pretty hard to find

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    v140 it is 99 in the burn rate chart and varget is 100 so a good replacement, i used it in my rpa .243 nice powder and now use it in the 6.5x47 , r15 or as others like ,choice is yours , i use in my .308 with 150 pro-hunters h4895 45gr happy happy

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