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Thread: Anyone seen this before

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    Anyone seen this before

    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	41630 Shot this little buck today ,just wondered if anyone else had seen anything like this any if they had any idea what could cause it. There was nothing obvious wrong with buck. Cheers

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    Roe crossed with a goat?

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    Had it been last winter I may have suggested frost, it looks a very interesting head all the same def a keeper for conversation!

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    Check his legs for any injuries, possibly been injured whilst in velvet ,ive seen one similar and know this was the cause...

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    I have a very similar set of antlers on top of the book case. I believe the 'melted candle' effect on the antlers is a symptom of liver fluke. The first time I saw the roe deer, I said to my ghillie, that's a doe, but the second time I saw it from behind and was intrigued. I stalked it and shot the buck on the edge of a field with sheep in it.

    Regards JCS
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    I do love the odd ones,as has been said a real conversation piece.


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    You may like this one then M

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    Quote Originally Posted by limulus View Post
    You may like this one then M

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    That must of hurt when it was broken in velvet!!!!!

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    This deer had a leg damaged whilst in velvet resulting its antlers drooping..

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    I had a cull buck last year that had swept back antlers just like a goat. I could only presume he'd done it ducking under a fence.
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