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Thread: Older Tasco

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    Older Tasco

    Hi All,

    When I bought my 22.250 it came with a Tasco Mag IV 5x20x50. The scope was left on the rifle as it wasn't worth taking off to sell, but to honest it's been great so now I'm after another one.

    So if anyone out there in SD land has an unused one lying at the back of a draw that they don't need please let me know. There are a couple of older Tasco's that come up on eBay but I haven't seen one these. I'd love something German but at the moment don't have the funds so it will have to stay on the wish list.

    Many thanks,


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    I have that exact beast sitting on the shelf in the mancave.
    I will have to have a closer look, but from memory it has some ring marks on the tube. If you can collect from Ferndown area, it going very cheap to a fellow Dorset shooter. Plus I'd rather you looked at it first to be sure your happy with it.


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    Hi Steve,

    Many thanks, you're a Gent.

    I'm just outside Shaftesbury so would be happy to pop down to Ferndown any time that suits you.



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    Hi Jim,

    The scope came on a rifle I bought a while ago for my son, and it's got far too much magnification for his needs.
    It's yours for absolutely nothing, I just be happy to see it being put to good use.

    Just about to PM you regarding collection.


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    You're a Gent,

    pm sent.


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