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Thread: Loading Trays for 375 H&H

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    Loading Trays for 375 H&H

    As it says, please pm with details if you have any.


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    have a go making your own mty ,1st drill out just over head size a floorboard or a plastic chopping board is best to use then 2nd face it off on the underside with another board in same same stuff , job done. you can have a 100 rd loading try that way or a flat clean work surface on the back .

    paul o'

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    Norman Clarke has the Frankford Arsenal ones in all the sizes. They are no too expensive and may, if you value your time, be a cheaper solution than making your own.

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    These are the best around IMO, Chris. I've got several, but use all of them during reloading sessions with assorted case head sizes.

    They're deep, double-sided, and the holes are stepped internally. They handle each case from .222 to .375 H&H without wobble or tipping, unlike the RCBS 40-round type I first tried.
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    i have the above in stock 8 each plus a little bit postage
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