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Thread: orchard high seat

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    orchard high seat

    hi all. i have permission to shoot in an orchard ( about 15 acres ). the fallow tend to concentrate their damage on a few trees on the lower corner of the orchard mainly but as the apples mature they work their up through the rest of the trees. the way the ground lies offers to having a high seat on a crest of the orchard facing a boundary. the high seat needs to be free standing but not to mobile. and only about 8 foot high at the seat. i have aquired two sections of ladder, some aluminium box section and have some timber knocking about.

    the main problem i for see is being siluoetted from every angle. i have thought of building a permanant hide / high seat but im not convinced the owners will go for it and i dont have the funds for such a construction. how do the good folk get round being exposed when i the seat. (that sounds wrong). i have thought of putting up camo net when im in the seat but i think the deer will notice the differance.

    any wisdom much appreciated

    regards pete

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    cammo net works well stops the silloeute,atb wayne
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    Why not leave the camo net in situ with the seat?? They are cheap as chips

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    Ok thank you. Would you suggest having the net all round or just as a back drop.

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    Al the way around i cant see a problem with that just make sure what you construct is strong and safe

    you can get some really good high seats now that dont stand out too much op take up much space second hand

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    Ok. What i was thinking of doing was using the wider section of ladder on the front. The second section of ladder i was going to use as the rear legs by taking the rungs out and then bracing with the box ali i have. I have an old plastic seat i was going to use but wonder if i should make it 360 degree swiveling

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    In the USA, especially in Texas, portable tripod stands are used, to set up for coyotes and bobcat, then move. This is a typical one, about $190.00, with a safety rail, and swivel seat. You can put foam pipe insulation on the rails for a rifle rest, and hang camo from it, and mount an umbrella over it for rainy days.
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    There are simpler ones, too. You can back it up to a tree and put two legs on either side of it, to hide yourself in the foliage.

    Where there are oaks or pine trees, a set of climbing sticks on the back or side and a hang-on stand on the front, up above some branches, will hide you. The entire rig can be packed in on your back, especially one of welded aluminum.

    Here are a bunch of them, and the snap-together sticks.
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    Hang-On Stands | Gander Mountain
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    thanks for the replies.

    southern i would love to use one of those tree stands but in the orchard the tallest trees are only 15 foot with trunks about 8 foot at most. where i want to sight it is on the end of a run of cob nuts. these have been coppiced in the past so their is no main trunk to speak of.

    i was out after crows last night. got a magpie but the crows spotted me. (only one side of my face showing) which got me thinking. would a gillie suit work as well as a camo net. im not really into looking like a bush in general when stalking and normally only wear solid greens rather than camo but maybe a gillie suit would kill two birds with one stone. ambushing corvids and high seat sitting.
    does anybody use a gillie suit / leafy oversuit. and how concealing are they

    regards pete

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