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Thread: views on winchester 70 243

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    views on winchester 70 243

    hi lads, just wonderting what people think of the winchester model 70, ive seen a couple in 243 that i am interested in, thanks tim,

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    A good proven rifle I don't think you will go far wrong with one. I've never owned one my self but a good friend of mine has one in 308 and it shoots bug holes at a hundred yards. I know that he would probably not sell his.

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    I have a model 70 in .243, it's the coyote light model (synthetic Bell & Carlson stock, stainless fluted barrel). It prefers lighter, up to 85 grain bullets than 100 grain. But that seems typical of many 243s.
    The standard trigger is not bad at all, much lighter than a comparable out of the box Remington.

    Mine is a floor plate model and I would prefer a detatchable magazine and would fit an aftermarket kit if I could find one.

    Good rifle for the money if you just want to shoot it but not many aftermarket bits if you are thinking of personalising it with bells and whistles.
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    Not a bad rifle Legionnaire, I had a featherweight model in .308 some years back pity that the stock warped but that could have been sorted I suppose. I don't see any problem with a hinged floorplate myself in fact I prefer it on a stalking rifle to a detachable magazine. I also don't see the need to dress up a simple rifle that actually works but once again that's personal choice. Definitely better than a Remington in the trigger department. The model 70 Winchester was at one time the most popular bolt action rifle in the U.S.A. but Remington probably snatched that title away from them some years back mainly because of financial troubles the company went through rather than quality issues.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I have recently bought a 270 - a fairly old one. The trigger is supposed to be one of the best available on a factory gun, and is adjustable. Generally pretty happy with it for the price paid, and i'm sure from first tests I've done i will get it nice and accurate with a bit of playing around. Mine has no floor plate, it is a blind magazine. It is also the push feed model, which is 'post '64', but i wasnt sure if they went back to the controlled round feed which made it famous and it is worth just knowing which you are buying. I have no probs with push feed, just don't use it upside down!

    mod 70 was good enough for US snipers in Vietnam...


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    I used a .243 mod 70 feather weight for years ,great trigger and was very accurate with all loads but preferred 100 grain federals, the only issue I had was after some time it developed a slight droop in the barrel no idea what caused it as this was pre moderator days.

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    had a play for a few weeks back with my pals new ultimate shadow it was far better than my old Coyote in .243 i hated it in the end it just did't like 100 pro-hunters bullet of choice for me in .243 and .308 moved on to the fw and found it to be a very nice rifle 1/2 moa out of the box , only thing i hated was the overdone tooling on the wood made it look to cheap but overall yes nice rifle . The shadow is only better as it has a plastic and rubber bits sim to sako 85 stock ? nice bolt knob with gloves on nice to shoot felt right , i was only paper punching but still nice to use.

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    Which variant of the Model 70 is it? The Featherweight in almost anything is a wonderful rifle. I have owed about a dozen M70s, from pre-64s in .30-06 and .375 H&H, to .257 Roberts in a push feed, and modern claw extractor Classics in .375 in the Express, and currently two Featherweights I will never let go, in 7mm-08 and .308 Win. Very smooth, accurate hunting rifles. You have to pay an awful lot more to get just a bit nicer wood and maybe a fraction of an inch smaller group. It is a handsome rifle.

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    hear hear, thanks Southern for encouraging me to buy my one.

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    Hi Southern,
    I hear they are being built now either in South or North Carolina. I had some land a while back in Walhalla was going to build a house there but my pal died so the reason was no longer there to build, nice state.
    I have an unused .338 win mag M70 supreme (I think that is the title) in my cabinet as the price was too good to miss out on.

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