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Thread: anyone for a trip to africa

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    anyone for a trip to africa

    wonder how the DMQ lot would view the safety side of this

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    Cracking bite marks on his stomach! lolol

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    The girly squeal before it gets to him doesnt do much for his macho image

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    This "party" were a bit too noisy but you try and follow up a Kudu or Wildebeest in the brush, let alone a wounded Leopard.

    Biggest mistake I could see was that the guns were looking at the spoor as well as the tracker. They didn't spot the Leopard

    Even a Warthog will charge you if you stumble on him and do you damage.

    I sat by a cattle trough last August and two of the blind *******s walked past me from behind, passing within 20 feet. I didn't reckon I could put them both down. I was on my own. No shot.

    Once you try it you have to keep going back for more


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    ....... and the leader of these ******s is called a "professional hunter" !

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    F--k that i will stick to Red's & Roe's he was lucky he only got a few bite marks, dont fancy going out with those trackers safe i dont think so

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    Well thats a typical Leopard charge, although I have no sound at present on the machine it would be good to know how the Leopard was wounded in the first place, if indeed it was.

    The trackers were only doing their job, looking for spoor in long grass and cover such as is seen on the film is at times not as easy as one might think, and it should be up to the PH and client to be looking forward for any movement. It appears that they start fireing at the cat whilst it is in full charge, but its a bit difficult to see on the screen. All appear to miss the target with the result that the Leopard follows through with the attack.

    Nothing unusual there!!

    Hunting dangerous game whether it is Elephant, Lion, Buff or Leopard you should be aware that nothing is for certain. Although one thing is for certain, they will pay you back if they get the chance, but that is the risk you take hunting dangerous game.



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    Anyone thinking about going hunting to africa should read Death in the long grass, if you still want to go after that you are either really keen (me) or mad (possibly me) or both

    looking at another related video looks like it was shot over a tree bait and wounded

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    Ohh that looked painful
    Plonkers were not even looking properly, it was one of those times when a back up large auto pistol or shotgun full of SG would have been quite handy, mind you looking at those jokers probably done more damage than the Leopard

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    not for me

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