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Thread: Two young shots take their 1st Roe

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    Two young shots take their 1st Roe

    Had my mate and his son up few weeks ago.Here's how it went in Rob's own words

    Friday afternoon seen me and the lad heading north to Grasshoppers as he wanted to get Jay his first Roe .

    Arrived at 4pm after a 3 hour journey and unloaded the gear for the weekend , had a good catch up and brew ( jay had his Easter egg off Jeff ) before leaving for the farm to meet up with Mark ( Foxshooter of the forum ) as he was going to sit with me whilst Jay went with Jeff . we made are plans for the evening and we split up with me and mark sitting up watching a grassed valley . half way through the evening i heard a rustle to my left a few time's then spotted a squirrel sitting happily watching us , Mark wishing he had brought an air riffle as the night drew in at about 7.45 we heard the unmistakable sound, bang - thud and Mark must of jumped about two foot of the ground
    5 minute's later Jeff rang and told us Jays first deer is on the ground , a very proud moment for me and off we went to see them . As we met them he pointed to the beast on the ground and he had shot it at approx 120 yrds of a fence post so not an easy shot for your first , congratulated him and then went over to see his first roe .
    Jay with his first a nice 6 pointer .

    Jeff then rang for are Taxi and 5 minutes later the farmer pull's up to take us back ( Lazy *** )
    Back in the yard the gralloch done and Jays wasn't to keen on being blooded until the farmer grabs him and Mark blooded him Deer hung in larder and a quick chat and were off home for a bite to eat and get are heads down ready for a 6
    o'clock stalk in the morning .

    Saturday morning
    Arrived at the valley and headed of with me shooting this time , the valley is woodland stalking so very slow .After about 45 minutes im coming up to a tree that looks like a big V and im thinking how good it would be to see a roe in the V next foot step and there was , froze on the spot (both me and the roe) only to see it disappear as quick as i saw it pretty sure it was a doe though . Stalked the rest of the valley and finished at about 10.30 with nothing else seen .
    Dropped off at a farm cafe for a full English on the way home and had a chat about the morning , Jeff finding it strange that the deer were not about as he had seen plenty in the weeks leading up to are visit
    Out the cafe and in the motor we take the scenic road home through the farm , Jay shouts out Roe brakes on and there's a Roe feeding out on a grass field 300 yrd's away . Jeff turns around saying it's on his land and we park in a gateway a field away from it . out kitted up and start the stalk up to a drystone wall but just as we get to the wall the deer is 10 yrds out and a landrover comes down the road and it spooks back to the woodland edge , it's looking nervous now and looking to jump the fence so Jeff says if the shots on take it = bang - thud and down it went at 11.45
    Nice one to take out a 5 point Buck
    My Buck with the shot taken off the wall by the bush to the right of my head in the pic

    Saturday night
    Jays back on the rifle and we decided to sit up in a valley half way up a bank overlooking the other bank were Jeff has seen a few about so made ourselves comfortable and waited . Jeff spots a nice big Buck on the far side but it's behind branch's for 20 minutes , but then spots another young 4 point Buck 60 yrds away on last knocking . Jeff then trys to direct Jay to where the buck is and the conversation was so funny to listen to but he see's it in the end and the shot was taken another for the lad and the smile says it all .

    That 2nd Buck of his was hilarious,conversation went along these lines;

    J there's a Buck 60yds in front can you see it?...No

    Can you see the white tree?...Yes

    Can you see where the branches meet to form an upside down V?...Yes

    The deer is directly behind that,can you see it?....NO

    Eventually after a full 5mins (seemed a lifetime) got him to see it,and to his credit,he calmly dropped it stone dead
    Jays 4 pointer

    Sunday morning 6am
    Im on the rifle again and we stalk the main valley again but 30 min's in Jeff spotted very fresh foot prints and paw prints so have a chat and come to the conclusion that a dog walker has been down before us and we seen the prints the morning before as well so that explains the lack of Roe on the Saturday morning stalk
    Head back to the motor and head off to another valley to stalk , this valley has a lot of holly and is very close so you need a lot of luck in this one which never happened but was a great morning to be out

    A pic of the larder after the weekend

    Butchered Jays first Roe up and headed home , Jeff gave Jay his old binoculars as he bought some new one's , so now he's called UNCLE JEFF

    Was a great weekend and good to meet Mark ( Foxhunter )

    Thanks for everything Jeff you are a true friend and im sure ive missed loads out but you get the idea of the weekend we had

    Took my Nephew out a few days later to try for his 1st Roe.Here's how this 1 unfolded.

    my nephew shot his 1st Roe tonight from exactly the same place as J got his 2nd on Saturday.
    He spotted it to his right browsing about 120yds off.When it was around the 90yd mark,it lay down. A lot of slow shuffling along to get him a clear shot ensued and the buck duly obliged by standing.I could feel him trembling as he took aim (i leant against him as support) he controlled his breathing and the shot echoed up the valley, I knew instantly it was a good lung shot and the Buck only made 10yds before expiring.
    A good cull Buck to take out and another young hunter has his 1st Deer under his belt.
    That's twice in a week i've felt immensely proud of young shots who've listened,learnt and conducted themselves in a manner becoming of any true sportsman

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    Great thread and really good to see youngsters getting into the sport.

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    There are some broad grins on those photos!

    Well done to all concerned.

    (Great to see some more youngsters - my lad is 15 and mad keen....)
    Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch

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    That was a very good read and good to see that the young ones had a good time. Well done all��

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    Great write up and well done to all of you! Loving the larder pic, the old ones are the best!!
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    Well done to all and nice to see the youngsters enjoying the countryside and hunting!!

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    well done old boy

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    Well done to you all, it's great to be able to get people their first deer.
    Young and old alike the smile on their faces says it all, it makes all the worry of finding a suitable animal worth the grey hair.

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    Nice work!
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    Great story we need more youngsters coming up through the ranks, Well done to you all.

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