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Thread: 7mm 139gn hornady btsp

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    7mm 139gn hornady btsp

    Any one of you chaps using the above in a 7mm-08 ? would be very interested in your findings ie lethality, carcass damage, and general thoughts ?

    I found a couple of hundred at a reasonable price they seem to go ok and not far of the poi of the usual 140 noslers they would make my partitions for the bigger deer pan out a bit longer in this component drought thanks DF

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    I use the 139gn Hornady Softpoint - same bullet but with flat base in my 7x65r at around 2650 fps. Knocks roe off their feet with behind the shoulder shot and then the kick for a moment or two. Bullet passes straight through with a two inch exit wound but not much damage. On bad angle shots have taken out a shoulder but can still recover venison. Have taken a few reds - same result.

    Accuracy - two bullets touching and third just slightly off - well under 1" at 100yds and this a in a combination gun.

    And they are not the price of fancy bullets.

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    Been putting them through my 7x57 Mauser kiplauf, which some might consider a ballistic equal to your 7mm-08, to good effect on woodland red hinds and roe. They work well with no dramas - rifle goes bang, deer falls over - and minimal carcase damage for boiler house shots. I've been getting mine from Cliff's Gunsmithing in the States, ($30/100), and see no reason to change. Previously a big fan of Nosler BT for my .308.

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    All I use in my 7 mm 08 very good bullets kill well with minimal damage
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    Have used these in the past in my 7mm-08 running at 2,780 ft/sec with excellent accuracy. No need to run them any faster at all and have used them on many Red and Fallow to good effect. No excessive meat damage and definitely less than anything lighter and faster. 140gr to 150gr in the 7mm-08 is about the optimum weight for our deer. I run 120's for varmints.
    Suggest you grab them!

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    I used them in my Model 70 7mm-08, Browning BLR 7mm-08, 7x57R ( 2,600 fps), and .280 Remington ( 3,000 fps ). I use flat base, boattail, RN ( discontinued), and SST. The flat base is easy to get shooting, really all I need. You can spend twice the money but not kill any faster or cleaner.

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    Thanks fellas looking good then will give them a whirl in the morning.

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    What kinds of powder, brass and primers do you have on hand? And which 139-gr bullet(s)?

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    Im using varget and cci primers rem cases 139 btsp hornadys and 140 nosler partitions best groups sub 1/2" were cci mag primer 43.5 varget
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    Somewhere around 44.0 gr of Varget or RL-15 is right. So there you already have it. Just use the setting on the seating die as for the Nosler, whatever that comes out to for the Hornady. I bet it will be on the cannelure and about 2.80 inches.

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