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Thread: Bucks a bit quiet

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    Bucks a bit quiet

    Just curious if anyone else is noticing the bucks total disappearance this last week and wonder whether the does will be having their kids early this year due to the early spring conditions? usually of course the bucks go quiet just before the does give birth...

    any thoughts/experiences elsewhere in the UK?


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    Can't say its any quieter in the woods near me. They are just as hard to find!! Managed to catch up with a youngster last night though and will be out over the next couple of days. Apart from 'out stalking' where abouts are you?

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    As above. Wouldn't say it's any quieter than this time last year. Possibly even a few more going around. Out yesterday evening and saw 10 on one, all be it large, permission. No sign of any young yet though.

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    Yep it has been quiet, although I took 3 this last weekend with clients. The bucks seem to be keeping in the thick stuff and not showing much, I am seeing movement for about 20 minutes morning and evening and then nothing.
    I have not seen any fawns yet, and most of my does still have last years young at foot, or nearby which is a bit late down this way as they should have kicked them out by now.
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    Sorry I have to say I'm seeing the total opposite. All I'm seeing is bucks. Seen very few does in the past couple of week but I'm falling over bucks.

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    same for us , best season on good bucks for a long time , a mild winter has definitely helped quality this season , just started seeing the first of the fawns
    regards andy

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    That's great to hear, maybe just need to be out later! Tacky, duns, near Kelso.

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    Also seem very quiet with me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yorkshire lad View Post
    Sorry I have to say I'm seeing the total opposite. All I'm seeing is bucks. Seen very few does in the past couple of week but I'm falling over bucks.
    We've been seeing a good few bucks as well....and some does. Don't seem to be any fewer than usual, although the past couple of times I have been out they have made their appearance later in the morning and not at first light .

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    Can't remember when I last saw a Roe Buck on the farm. Does aplenty though, must be my aftershave

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