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Thread: Paperwork - Heathrow to Namibia - EU regulations

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    Paperwork - Heathrow to Namibia - EU regulations

    Can any of you globetrotting hunters please give me advice.

    I’m travelling to Namibia – SAA - Heathrow to Windhoek, via Jo’burg, and back again - and I plan to take a rifle, ammunition, FAC and an invitation from Namibia, plus my EU firearms pass just in case.

    A friend of mine who lives in Belgium tells me that it has now become necessary to obtain a temporary export permit and a re-import permit and quotes EU directive 91/477/CEE and UK 258/2012.

    He also says that his Belgian armourer tells him that most of his customers are finding it too much trouble to get the paperwork, so they have resorted to hiring rifles when they get to Africa, rather than taking their rifles with them.

    Despite searching several times, I have failed to find anything out about the extra paperwork that he is talking about.

    Can anyone shed any light on this? What documentation do I need to have with me when travelling from Heathrow to Namibia and back?

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    Search for Adelle, Hunters Permits Africa. I used her for a group of 9 all with rifles landing at Jo,burg. All the guys said it was the fastest they had cleared customs at any airport. At Heathrow we had firearms liscense and a letter of invite from the place we were hunting thats it.

    Hope this helps


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    A few friends and I went on a hunt in Namibia a few years back. Going through SA seemed like a headache of paperwork. We went via Frankfurt direct to Windhoek, no dramas either way. All we took was our EFPs. I would recommend it.

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    Not sure about Nmaibia but in SA you need to fill in a SAPS520 form and need your invite letter. There is no hassles with this if travelling from UK.
    Please see here: Plan your safari
    Good Hunting
    UK Agent for Settlers Safaris
    Grahamstown, South Africa
    Etosha Conservancy, Namibia
    Hunting Safaris | Big Game Hunting | Safari Hunter

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    Are you planning to hold over in Jo'burg at all or are you flying straight through. We flew BA last year to Jo'burg and then SAA to Windhoek and the rifle (and all luggage) was checked through to the final destination. We did not experience any problems at all, nor did my fellow passenger (who was the one with the rifle and an American to boot) have any hardship.
    Try not to plan on collecting your rifle in Jo'burg between connections.

    Where are you heading to in Namibia? we stayed just south of Etosha and then into Damaraland. We were there 2 weeks and had a great time.

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    My thanks to gary, u32dw, Safari Hunter, and Andy Welch for your replies. It's been very helpful.
    SAA in the UK say a rifle and ammunition is fine with an FAC. Our luggage should be checked straight through to Windhoek. So far, we've not heard of any problems at Windhoek. So I'll keep my fingers crossed!
    We are going south of Etosha for the shooting, then possibly we'll have a run down to the coast near Swarkopmund for some sea fishing, boat and shore, if the weather is good enough.
    I still can't get to the root of the problem the Belgians are having, but perhaps that will come to light some time.

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    To Somerset,
    myself and 3 friends are heading the same way next month. We have checked it out,I believe,fairly thoroughly.
    reached pretty much the same conclusion as yourself.
    Although our flights originate from Dublin to Heathrow and then on with SAA to Windhoek via Jo,burg there is no big hoohaa as long as you have the right paperwork. As you are bringing the same as us lets hope we've both got it right.

    Shakari connection is a good site for a few tips on kit,etc
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    Are the Belgians flying from Amsterdam? If so that is where the problem lies. There are differing EU rules even if you travel through Amsterdam and permits required there just for transfers.
    UK Agent for Settlers Safaris
    Grahamstown, South Africa
    Etosha Conservancy, Namibia
    Hunting Safaris | Big Game Hunting | Safari Hunter

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    Sika98k - I hope you enjoy your trip to Africa. Shakariconnection has loads of information - Thank you for that.

    Safari Hunter - He is going from Brussels and travelling via Frankfurt one way and Munich the other way, but has had transfers in Germany in previous years without any difficulties, so something seems to have changed. He's leaving his rifle at home this time.

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    I would contact Henry Durheim Rifle Permits - In Support of Conservation Through Hunting.
    I have used him for my last couple of trips to RSA and for a relatively small fee it makes you life so much easier. They can meet you off the plane, whisk you past the queues at customs and passport control and straight to the Police station. If you contact him enough in advance then your permit is pre approved so all they do is glance at your gun - they will then help you get the gun onto your connecting flight to Windhoek.

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