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Thread: Paperwork - Heathrow to Namibia - EU regulations

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    Export from UK and into SA is no major issue...FAC and letter of invite will do it!

    However...If flying within SA they ask that any ammo is removed from hold luggage and goes "securely" with but separately from your firearm to point of two cases...rifle & ammo. Can be a hassle if you haven't got a spare Pelicase! If you are checked straight thro' shouldnt be a problem!

    The other thing to be aware of in Africa generally is that EVERYONE inc Customs officials will ask you for a bribe...sorry did I say bribe...I meant "tip" in order to expedite your firearms through their hands. If going thro Jo'Burg you will be pounced upon by "helpful" porters who claim they will whisk you thro' customs etc etc for a tidy fee.....Be firm and polite and mainly pretend you've only just arrived and have no cash and just assertively and confidently work your way through!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Somerset View Post
    Sika98k - I hope you enjoy your trip to Africa. Shakariconnection has loads of information - Thank you for .
    Been there,done that. Travelling with the firearms was a doddle. Clearing them in and out of Namibia was very easy. No big deal.

    had a good time there
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    I am immensely grateful for all of the replies received via posts, PMs and a very helpful telephone call. We have been back a while now. Unrelated problems have delayed me writing this, but here are a few thoughts about our trip. It was a superb trip.

    Travel with South African Airways was very straightforward. Only one potential glitch. Heathrow security people issue a receipt for each rifle and I was told that mine would be given to me at the aircraft. A few minutes before departure it had still not arrived and I was standing on the air bridge talking to the staff about it. One of them went off and found it. I might have had problems at Windhoek without the receipt.

    The phone call warned me about this next point. Boarding the Windhoek flight at Johannesburg I was approached by a fellow with a tatty notebook full of miscellaneous numbers. The conversation went something like this -
    “Is your rifle number here?”
    “I’ve no idea.”
    “Never mind. I’ve personally seen to it that your rifle is safely stowed on this plane.”
    “Thank you.”
    “Have you got something for me? I can take Euros.”
    He didn’t get anything from me, so I spent some of the time on the flight wondering whether he had managed to get my rifle off the plane. It did arrive! I assume this guy, and his mates, see off all of the Windhoek flights, or those with weapons on board. Presumably they collect enough money to make it worthwhile. That sort of thing really bugs me.

    Regarding clothing, Seeland Etosha trousers were excellent. I’m sure I’ve read on this forum that a fleece is useful. Yes, but … It’s cool early mornings, warm in the sunshine and cools rapidly as the sun goes down, so a warm jacket is essential, but certainly not the fleece I took! Or the JahtiJakt trousers I'd taken as a reserve. All of the plants are prickly with barbed seed heads. The PH had clothing from Sniper Africa, which didn’t snag on any of the bushes.

    Our friend from Brussels borrowed a very accurate 300 win mag in Namibia. Bloody noisy. No wonder the dog was stone deaf. The PH was carrying a 7x64. Last year I sold my Blaser R93 and bought a Sauer 202 in 7x64. I’m very happy with the rifle and the calibre, but I need a better case. When I bought the rifle the RFD advised me to use the Blaser case I had. That was the wrong advice in my opinion. A riflescope fits directly onto the Blaser barrel so they should go back together fairly accurately. On the Sauer the scope fits onto the action. To get the Sauer rifle into a Blaser case the scope, action and barrel are all separated. Sauer’s own rifle case is longer and takes the 202 with only the rear stock removed. I’ve decided to buy a Peli 1700 and use the excellent posts by rarms - Sauer 202 case -as my guide.

    I now hope that someone will buy me the full version of Kevin Robertson's ‘The Perfect Shot’!


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