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Thread: roe sack help

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    roe sack help

    Trying to find a roe sack . It was one I bought from the bds a few years was green canvas with the only the pocket on the flap over.
    Tried all the shops on line but no joy.
    Any one help?

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    Buy either a Poppins one (off here) - or the Harkila one. Some say the Monarch one is good, but I have no experience of it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric the Red View Post
    Buy either a Poppins one (off here)
    One from Poppins +1

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    I'm in danger of people suspecting that I'm employed by Monarch, I've banged on about their roe and sika sacks so much but all I'll say is buy one. They're great.

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    My poppins sack has fallen to bits all the eyelets pulling out monarch look good !

    Ammend post 8/5/14. Just for the record

    It is only the eyelets that have pulled out on the roe sack the rest is still serviceable
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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    My poppins sack has fallen to bits all the eyelets pulling out monarch look good !
    Suprised to hear that mate, my first one lasted about twenty years! My second one is still as good as new other than a bit of fading after three or four years hard use. I imagine Poppins would be happy to repair it for you.

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    Guess northants munty's and roe are bigger than yours glyn
    my mate has a jaeger sack which although older and identical has stronger brass eyelets

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    I use one made by Ogdens (Lancashire somewhere?). It is very well made and the straps are broad and good for carrying weight. I think it was reviewed in Sporting Rifle last year. It can be a little warm in hot weather thou, I then just use blue ikea bag which I carry in my jacket pocket.

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    + 1 for the monarch. Its a very well made piece of kit and comftable to use.

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    norma 308 sorry to hear your unhappy with your sack but if you had contacted me when you drive past every day of the week leaving your job as the gardener at the public school.
    at the bottom of the road from me .i am surprized your sack if loosing its eyelets as a part time game keeper it can not get a lot of use .i have made nearly 3000 sacks and never had a complaint from any one .these include the forrestry commission,till hill the deer society,and numerous proffessionals on this sight . i have exported them to norway,germany ireland even australia and not one conplaint
    if you let me have a look at your sack i will gladly repair it.please pm me if you want it sorted
    regards poppins

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