Double bonus

The openingof theroedeer season wasalreaqdy several weeks ago. Slowly we as an organization havereceived thefirst telephone calls on our tracking central number. The calls arethendistributedor passedto memberswholive nearthe site, the"crime scene".
Soa fewweeksago,I got a phone fromone of mycolleagues andfor almost30 years,agood friendasking ifI couldgo trackingwithmydog. A man from his neighborhood hadcalled himfor helptofindaroe, whichhemay have woundedthenight before. Half anhourlater we droveboth withour dogs, OrsiaHanoverianand Iwith myBGSGena,towards theagreed place. During theride,my friendMarccouldtell me the whole storythat hehad receivedon the phone. Aroepasses atabout 50meters before thehigh seattowardscover. Thehuntercalled to stop it and he then veryquicklyshoots.Theroehasjumpedas if shewasnothit. Thehunter went for a lookbutfound noblood. He went fora look into the possibledirectionof flight, but itwasalready dark.
When a callis made we follow the procedure agreed beforehand andset out on our website and ask the callerseveral questions: whatcaliber, was the animal wounded, howfarwasthe beast, have you highlighted the place where you shot at the deer, have yousearched yourself and have otherdogsbeenon the track.
SoMarc asked thesequestions,anexperienced man, which is now having hissecondHanoverian thatwetrainedtogether and I've seen dothe tests. We couldoccupyus duringthecar rideto do theanalysis ofhowthis trackshouldbe dealt with andwhat hadgonewrong. We keptall anglesopen. We know fromour experiencethat there can bea differentstory when the tracking starts. For example, weknow thatmanyhunterstryfirstwiththeir dog before calling our organization. This israrely to our benefit.
A squarecontaininga church in a village is almost alwaysthe place for our meetings,sonowno different. A slightlyolderman stoodnervouslywaiting forus.
Theman beganhis story: “Goodmorning, I see that you came with two, very useful”. Icouldnot sleep andso this morningIwentearlyto thesame place, I went to sit onthehigh seatand tried to remember everything again.” Aftersome time Iseearoe, it wasnot exactlyas but I shot. Itjumped, and I've definitelyhit it. It wentthesameway asthe deeryesterday. Sothemanwoundedtworoes. Hmm.
We drivewith thisadditionalstoryonthe hunting groundand reachafter a short drivethehigh seat from whichthe two deer have been shot.Meanwhile, wehave to adjustour strategyand I wouldput mydogin the firsttrack.
Since Ifound nothingat the site ofthe shot, thiscouldbe control tracking work. Butyou never know with tracking work. I make everythingready: dogwith aGPS, belt, weapon and then I gotowards thesuspectedplace of the shot.