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Thread: Double bonus part 2

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    Double bonus part 2

    Soon,I couldletmy dog,​​Gena,pre tracking, solooking fortheplace of the shot,if there was one. After some time, my dog showed me abit ofhairand yestinydrops ofbloodthat were stuck on to the hair, the deerwashit. Nowquietly Iletthe doggoaheadandletherdo whatshewas trainedto: searching forthetrack. Thoughshe wasinan openforest, afternearlyaright anglebend,she walkedbacktowardthehigh seatandyesto thecoverto which thedeerwantedto go to the night before, but still nosweat, absolutely nothing. Mydog followeda trail. Nowthere are two options: itcould bethe trailof thewoundeddeer or my faithfulfriend is following a fresh track but by theway of working, I could see that mydogwas on a good track. After350 metersIcome to apoint whereclearsigns ofa deerarevisible. Leaves thatweredistorted, I foundalittle furthera few drops ofbloodon the ground. Mydoggives a softloudonthe track, its a signthat she is working right ontrack. Afteranother150meters, it became clear thatthere werehere and thereon theleaves more drops of blood. Yetthetrackwentthrough avery humid place, an almostdriedfen, in the woods. It wasat that pointthatGena, inhertypical way(headhigh,takewind)couldindicatethedeer, her nose in the windroseandwalked in a straight line tothepiece. Fine work, I was satisfied, and behindme,my friendMarc,incasemy dog​​would losethe track he put the necessary tape. So we lost no precious time ifwe had to return to an earlier point of the track to restart the dog. Thehuntercould not believe hiseyes.
    Thedeercould notbebettershot. Itremaineda mystery howit could bethat it could gosofarandthat withoutmuch bloodloss.The bullethadnot done its job?The distance wastoo short?We cannotsay,but the firstdeerwas in the bag.
    The dogs will now change places. My dog​​could have a drinkand in the meanwhile Marc prepared his dog en went alreadylooking for the suspectedlocationofthe shot from the seconddeer. Marc let the dog lay down andwent himselftofind thespot ofthe shot.Soon wefound itandfragmentsof jaw. Had thehunterthe deershotinthe mouth? We askedhim, but theman couldnot give a clearanswer. It was timeto letdo Orsi his job. Sincethe trackwas onlythreehours old, Orsisoontooka direction.Itwent through the sameopenforest, diagonally away fromthehigh seatto a smallcover. Orsiworked9meters ahead of us, which is almostthe entire length ofthebelt. WhileMarc'sdog trackedI markedthe trail. The trackseemedto goin coverandsuddenly, 30metersahead of us, a deer ran away. Was it this? Wecould not see itimmediately. We letthe dogwork outthe trackin the direction ofthecover. We found a woundbed; itwas thewoundeddeer thatran off. Theadrenaline in the dog was so fierce. Marchad no choice but releaseOrsi.This was agooddecision. The dogis let goand we follow himpurely onthe barking. Orsidisappears ahead of us inthe forest, on our GPS we notethat he is a200metersleft of us.Suddenlythe dogrunstowards us. Didhelose the trail?
    Marc takesOrsibackon thelong leadandworks the trail slowly:looking forblood, or any other mark. In shortin a quiet way we search for ourdeer,we have time.There is little blood to be found, though

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    This is very hard work reading this. Think your space bar is not working properly.Adam

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    yupthinkigotit go backtothestartandretrack seeif dogpicks uptrialagain !, and some breathing space next time please Your deer may have pushed the dog back to you or gone behind you on a left arc run. ? everything is a guess and a maybe.

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