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Thread: Double bonus part 3

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    Double bonus part 3

    We are goingtowardsa meadow, on the sideof this is averge(light cover) andour dogsuddenlymarks,he getsaerial drift, and yesourdeer is ahead.We see her lying, meanwhile the hunter comes to join us, and we showhim the deer.The chance ofa cleanshotisgood, so we let thehonourto the hunter.The shot parts and so does ourdeerover themeadow; we see thatthe front legishit. Marcimmediatelylethis dogloosetolet Orsi catch thedeer.I cannot believethis animal has somuchenergy. TheGarminshows thatOrsiis300 meters away. But wehearhim bark, agood sign. We approachcautiouslyandwilltake the initiativeto get the deer ourselves. But Orsi saved us some work; his huntinginstinct has ensured that the deer is pulled down by him. Wecongratulateeach otherasfriends, two successfultracksin the morning, itcouldnot be better.
    Meanwhile,the hunter congratulates us, "somethingI've never experienced, but men, fine work,I enjoyed it. The first shot hitthe lower jaw. Fortunatelyit was notsummer weather andthe bleedingwasstoppedrelatively quickly. Butthe deer wouldnot have survivedin the long term.
    Marcand Ibothenjoyed workingourdogsas a team,wehave proved thattrainingandobservation pays inthis work. Withthehunterwe had earned pint of beer and numerousstories.


    You mightadd:

    Ill be atthe Game Fair. If you want to hear more about these dogs or get one yourselfget in contact. Ill be delighted to talk to you.
    (hssgbr@gmail.comClick image for larger version. 

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    Well done on the tracking. Is the hunter planning on checking zero with his rifle?

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    Fantastic work - hats off to you. Ad for the stalker involved, would u be right in thinking he has on the past sat a number of extensive hunting exams to have the opportunity to stalk deer in your country? Did he have a valid reason for his horrendous performance? That second deer is a shocker.


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    very well done on dispatching that deer !

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    Waidmannsheil Rudi!
    Thats what tracking is all about, a great performance on very, very difficult tracks....
    Roe, especially with shots like this are believed to be the toughest ones
    Very well done!

    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Thanks Michael for you positive support . Waidmansdank

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