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Thread: 410 reloading dies

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    410 reloading dies

    Can you get a set of dies to reload 410 cartridges that work in a rifle press. I shoot quite a few 410 cartridges and they are not cheap, but I can't really justify get full shotgun reloading kit.

    Lee loadall is the other option - if only I could find one. I after 2 1/2 dies or even shorter.

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    oh that's a great idea !

    anyone ? two sets needed now............
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    I believe that you can get dies that fit in a conventional press but that they are intended for brass cases in the main. They are also quite expensive from what I recall. Why not have a look on the Midway website they generally sell that sort of thing. The Lee loadall will probably be a much cheaper route.
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    I have a brand new set of hand loading dies for .410"
    They are made to load brass cases actually, called a Lanes Loader.
    Also have the priming tool for brass cases.
    The downside of hand tools is they don't re-size the cases, plastic or brass.
    The brass cases can be sized with a pistol case die, I have one of those as well
    along with 50 .303 once fiord brass cases, ready to expand or fire form and load.


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    In theory you might be able to use 44 Magnum or 45 Colt dies, certainly for re-sizing. I forget which.

    A .410 isn't very sophisticated so an old knackered .303" (British) die could possibly be reamed out straight sided to make a sizing die as, basically, .410" cartridges are straight cases and only the base needs re-sizing.

    Then use a funnel to insert the powder, and a wooded dowel marked to required depths, to seat the over powder wad and driving wad, then funnel again for the shot and lastly the overshot wad. Then lower the ram and use a roll turnover crimp.

    But! be aware that a lot of the rubbish sold here as .410" has a brass washed steel base and steel bases don't like being re-sized and fired again they split on the next firing. So get a magnet too to check!

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    The die I have for re-sizing the brass case is a Lee Carbide Factory Crimp Die (45 ACP, 45 Auto Rim, 45 Win Mag), once the crimping
    insert is unscrewed this will resize the case all the way down to the rim.
    The 303 brass will work in most .410's without issue, but if the head space is very tight it may be necessary to wipe a file
    across the base of the case to remove a couple of thou, I have tried the brass in a couple of .410's and they were fine as is.


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