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Thread: A kid's 308

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    A kid's 308

    About 6 months back or so my son decided he wanted to shoot a 308 he found in the back of the safe. The rifle is a Frankenstein composed of 700 parts I had laying around that were put together as a Reh rifle circa 2001. The barrel is 19 inches long so I used a small stock from H-S precision. The stock is similiar to the one they sell Remington for the LTR but has a wider, flatter forend with grasping grooves. As sold thes stocks have a 13.5" non-adjustable length of pull. My sone is about 5' 2" currently so the stock was too long and even after moving the scope back as far as possible he could not get proper eyerelief for the scope. I proposed we cut the stock and install an aluminum adjustment system but he preferred spacers. I still have some finsihing to do but this is the project as of last night.
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    Good job! Just like a Steyr SSG or Pro Hunter. His rifle, customized for him.

    Load up some 125-gr Sierra or Hornady, Sierra Pro Hunter, or Nosler BT on top of 38.0 to 40.0 grains of H-4895 or IMR-4895 ( 2,600 to 2,750 FPS), for lots of good shooting. Since his shots will be close, go with the 38.0 grains. That's what I did with my son at that age, in a 7mm-08 and 120-gr bullet.

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    I have a lot of surplus DCM 175gr FMJs I bought in the early 1990s. He has been shooting those over IMR4064 with pretty good results.


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    Those old 175, 172, and 173-gr bullets are great stuff. I have several quart freeze bags of those I pulled from old ammo.
    Are you matching up the Federal GM load of 41.75 gr 4064?
    That same powder under a 125-gr at 2.775 inches COAL makes a nice hunting load.

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    I call them "175s" because that was what they truely are vs what was/is said. The NRA did a study in the early 1980s and discovered the mean weight of the bullets used to load M118 Match and M118 Special Ball was closer to 175grs than 174. In 1989, I and other invited snipers from all the services participated in an ammunition test at Quantico trying to indentify the cause(s) of the "Lake City Flyer". Once it was proven to be an ammuniont problem, not an rifle or sniper problem the discussion turned to development of a new round. There was some discussion as to what to call the new loading with M118 Sniper suggested. The Air Force had sent two target shooters to the test since they did not have real snipers. Both objecteed to the term "sniper" as too militant.... In the end, the M118LR (Long Range) was introduced using the 175gr SMKs


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    Yes, going way back to the .30 US in the 1903A3, there were 172 bullets, 173, and 175s.
    I have bought a whole belt of them from a British WWII surplus, for a 1919 Browning. I wanted the belts, but pulled the bullets and saved them, too.
    In the 1970s, I came across an entire linked up belt for an M60 in the can, of LC Match. I grabbed that, too. Still have some, and a lot of the links.
    I even have some .30-03 ammo, of different weights, in the boxes. Handy for setting up new loads, for my Win 1895 in .30-03.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MARCBO View Post
    The Air Force had sent two target shooters to the test since they did not have real snipers. Both objecteed to the term "sniper" as too militant....

    Yes, their Spec Ops are "air rescue". How funny they don't want to be thought of as in an offensive posture, like infantry units, when they are defending the most offensive things, like F-16s, B1 and B2s. My father, a WWII pilot, would be shaking his head.

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