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Thread: Mike Norris Top Man

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    Mike Norris Top Man

    Hi Guys
    Just before my dad passed away he bought me a Remy 700 CDL SF, a beautiful rifle, for the last two years I have been thinking about getting it screw cut a painful decision to get wrong and so much dithering .
    After doing all the research etc I found Mike Norris of Brock and Norris who has some excellent you tube of the method he uses.
    We visited today What a nice welcoming Gentleman. He gave me some great advice about some sensible improvements to my as standard rifle. However I was very shocked to be told "Pick it up on Saturday" Great!!!!!
    He has a good stock of quality Kit and hunting stories.

    Many of you will have known Mike for years however I think good service needs to be celebrated.........

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    "Pick it up on Saturday"
    Some, if not most, do it while you wait, he must have been busy.

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    Mike is a real craftsman, you won't be disappointed , I know he is very busy at the moment as his shop manager isn't well so Mike is run ragged - he usually does screw cutting while you wait if you give him a call a few days before to arrange things.

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    Forgive my being thick, but to screw cut a barrel does the barrel need to be removed
    from the action?
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    when he did mine he did it like the one in his video

    He mounts the action on a metal bar with the action screws then mounts this bar in the lathe so it doesn't need to be taken appart

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    Hi Ranger 65 you will ne impressed with it when you shoot it.see you tomorrow if you are at the meeting speak to you there
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    Hi Pendle, work is getting in the way again so will not be at the meeting tomorrow. However will be at Sealand on the 17th.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cadex View Post
    Forgive my being thick, but to screw cut a barrel does the barrel need to be removed
    from the action?

    Not being thick - its a reasonable question. It is not necessary to remove a barrel from the action to screwcut it. The art is in ensuring the whole piece spins true in the lathe, completely perpendicular to the tooling. There are many ways of doing this - Mike has made a tool that as old_n07 says. is fixed to the action to get everything squared up.
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    I personally would be happy to wait quite a bit longer if needed.
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    I am very happy to wait for a quality Job, I think Saturday is a quick turn around. he is also doing a feed ramp polish bolt lugs, lapping the scope rings and a little tweek of the trigger. All of which are sensible improvements to a light weight sporting rifle.

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