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Thread: Howa 7mm08

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    Howa 7mm08

    Im having problems with a new Howa in 7/08, im getting 3" groups at 200yd with 130 sierra mk with 43.5 of n540 but can not better it, can only get 4" with seirra 130 sp with the same load, tried touching lands and jumping to no avail. Oh yes the weatherby vangard in 243 is under 2" at that range. Any ideas or just a poor barrel?

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    I never tried N540, but you are at the MAX load, so try backing off to 42.0 to 42.5.
    Also, back out of the lands with that hot a load, especially, COAL of 2.780 inches.

    If you can find these powders, 42.0 to 42.5 grains of IMR-4064 will be very accurate and near 3,000 fps from a 22-inch barrel.
    Federal brass - back off for heavier brass!!!
    Federal GM210M primers

    40.0 gr H-4895 at 2,800 MAX
    41.0 gr IMR-4895 at 2,900 MAX
    42.5 gr RL-15 at 3,000 fps MAX very accurate
    41.6 gr Varget at 2,900 MAX

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    check group at 100 yards if that sub moa then look at your rifle check all is snug then look at your parallax ( get rifle in rock solid support crosshair on target and bounce head up and down or left to right slightly. The cross should stay on the target if not adjust parralax if you cant then just pay more attention to cheek weld to get perfect consistency) maybe wind put some sticks out with some bright ribbon at 100, 150 and 200 they will give you a good idea what wind is doing. it may be your load or it may be like me your not good at shooting groups. i like dot drills put a series of dots as big or as small as you want fire 1 shot at each but in between shots stand up then get down and fire again, i find it helps me build more consistency in my position. Or maybe your just having an off day day again tomorrow with a clear head. Its sounds like your a good shot 2" at 200 is moa accuracy and very good in a sporter rifle

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    ive just stripped it down and not shaw if the piccony rail screws felt all that ive nipped them up and am on rout to try again. i know the loads are near max but the match kings seem to like a jump of 2mm 0r 70 thou. done a bit over the last 6years with a rem 700 .308 and a howa .243 and they both liked 20 tou off the lands so am cofused to hell on this

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    Take your press and seating die and calipers with you, and try seating some back, of the other remedies don't fix it.

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    try some different bullets, ie weight. I had a very similar problem to yours a few years back with a .308. persevered with powder weights and OALs trying to get whatever bullet they were to work, couldnt, had spent over 200 on reloading things and stuff for it such as stock, trigger etc etc. Sold the rifle as a going concern, new owner swapped bullets and hey presto, it shot its nuts off.

    Now ive been round the block a few times with reloading, if a particular weight or make of bullet doesnt shoot around 1'' or less in the first round of testing (which for me is altering charge weight) then i either change powder or bullet. My own opinion is that consistent loads of whatever through modern rifles will shoot reasonably well off the bat. If they dont then change something, dont waste time and money c0cking about with moving the OAL by 10 thou or changing primers.

    What twist barrel is it? I found my 7-08 (1:10 twist) shoots 120s - 140s like a dream but spits 168s over paper like a shotgun.

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    What makes you think that bullet and powder combo is capable of better?? One bullet weight and one powder does not make a problem. Move on.~Muir

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    as above change it around. Ive no experience of that powder but i know n140 and varget (gold dust atm) seem to work across alot of different 7-08's. I have a little bit of N140 and a selection of bullets if you want to have a play around and i pop past Gotham on Fri's on my way home so could drop em off... let me know.

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    cheers jordang, ive tried them with varget to no avail,im hoping the rails had some effect. had a 2.5" group with130mk tonight but the privis ive got are rubbish but i guess thats being cheap.will try some 130sp tomorrow when i can reload them. ive tried some 120 v max as well but these are not grouping either.

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    thanks soutern, will c what powders i can get

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