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Thread: testing 1950 Style "health and safety"

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    testing 1950 Style "health and safety"

    have a look at this imagin the fuss now

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    I wonder if I can find a job like this for my wife !!


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    F8ck1n heck

    That is sheer lunacy did you see her flinch as the bullet hits the glass and her flick them away when it hit a bit hard

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    Bullet proof cling film ??????

    are you sure about this darling ?????

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    Iron sights too!

    Followed the suggested link at the end of the clip and found this -

    Maybe all that fuss a short while back was actually due to the esteemed Mundford Stalking Club deciding to install Sky.

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    Wonder if he tested it in any other way first...?

    I can just imagine how the conversation would go with my other - and undoubtedly better - half:

    "I've invented stuff that stops bullets at short range"

    "Oh really?"

    "Yes, but I need to test it properly. Will you just hold it in front of your face while I launch bullets at you from a large calibre rifle at a range of about ten yards?"

    Long pause....

    "F**k off."

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    I wonder if she got to shoot the next pane of glass

    This is how to make people realise what you tell them is for their own benefit.



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    I can't believe her fingers didn't get shredded by fragments of bullet

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    if you watch closely there is a shot from the larger caliber that is may be 2 inches from her fingers

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    oooooooohhhhhh my kind of you some time when zeroing dear won't it, come along then, do hurry, I've a sponge in the oven you know, then Bertie needs his reloading lesson before tea.

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