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Thread: Petrol in Diesel

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    Petrol in Diesel

    in a moment of stupidity I managed to put a quarter of a tank of petrol in my diesel car. I would say the ratio is 1/4 petrol and 3/4 diesel.
    Any mechanics around that could give some advice.

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    It's better than the other way around, but still not good! It's a common trick in winter for truck drivers to put a little petrol in their tanks to stop the diesel from waxing up and aids starting. However, I would suggest that 25% is too excessive and will damage your car engine. Best get it drained for the sake of a tank of fuel over the cost of a new engine!

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    Don't run it and get it drained


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    A little petrol is OK and I have had a couple of gallons in a tank with no ill effects, but 25% is a bit much, probably best to have it drained,is it still running OK or popping and banging? if its running OK adding around 250/300 mil of 2 stroke oil might help, not great for the cat though.

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    If it's and older Diesel engine fill up the tank and run it when you have used a quarter of the tank fill it up again and then repeat this a good 4 - 5 times and you will dilute the contaminated fuel enough for it to not be a problem, if it's a new car under warranty what ever you do don't take it to the main dealer use a good independent garage it will cost you a fortune at the main dealer because they will replace everything from the tank through to the injectors and everything in line that has fuel in it.

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    10% Petrol in diesel is good in any modern car.
    Any higher would be okay in older cars.

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    Flyer, our Volvo XC60 Diesel was topped up with 30% petrol. Son in Law Mechanic said run it and top up. Ran 90 miles that eve and topped up. A bit lumpy starting the following morning, but ran 120 miles and topped up again. From then on- no problem.

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    nice white smoke cloud to escape in !! drain it off some wont hurt it as said otherway is the real cash burner. use it for burning later in the year . done it in my new works truck some years ago i just used the thing till i got to 1/4 then just filled up again.and as a bonus you will have a nice set of clean ejectors and pump

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    Thanks for the replies. I decided to get it drained £200 pound versus a £14000 car. Could have bought a nice toy with that money though. OUCH....

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    Filled wife's S-Max tank for the run home from Devon 4 summers ago

    £80 spent... Realised I'd done it with petrol... £140 to get it drained... £80 to refill it with diesel... £300 is my most expensive tank of fuel ever

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