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Thread: Waterproof trousers.

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    Waterproof trousers.

    Having just ripped my musto camo stalking trousers to bits, to be fair they do get used a lot, and the fact they are no longer made (otherwise would have had another pair), I am now looking for replacements!!
    As there is so much on the market and i would like something similar to the mustos (quality,price etc), the question is what to go for ??

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    Have a look at Arktis trousers, the come with a 4 year warranty!

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    For camo trousers, I picked up a pair made by Sportchief at a bargain price on eBay. In plain green I use a pair of Harkila Kodiak's.

    Both seem to do the business.


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    I use a pair of Deerhunter Huntsville for winter, bloody warm.
    Have just got a pair of Seeland Beater trousers from a shop down the road from me. They have Hitena type material on the front and on the backside, fully waterproof and for a lighter weight trouser very warm. got them for 55

    If you need a contact number just drop me a PM



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    sasta huhta trousers, leather fronted at a fraction of the cost of harkilas - discontinued now, but still a few pairs kicking around if you look hard enough.

    seeland beater trousers are ok, but only stay waterrproof if not washed. i've had 2 pairs (lost one - thats a differents story )

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    Jahti Jakt pro hunter, fantastic deal.... you can get a full suit for the price of a pair of decent trousers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jager SA
    Have a look at Arktis trousers, the come with a 4 year warranty!
    Jager, are these noisy when worn? I wondered if they are as quiet as deerhunter, seeland etc.


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    Arktis stuff very good. Tough, reasonably priced and quiet . They not 100% waterproof but come close. A bit cold but that can be solved by wearing marino wool long johns.
    Just got some Nomad good as arktis but warmmer and very comfortable.
    Both these trousers fitted with thick elastic hem ties and strapped to calf length boots allow you to cross streams without getting wet...

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    Waterproof trousers are one thing I'm having problems getting right. In general I destroy a pair in 2 weeks. Here's my personal view, it's worth what you paid for it:

    Paramo - black and a bit noisy but not too bad. Lasted no time at all and not waterproof if you sit/crawl in them. Comfortable with zips down inside leg for ventilation. Great for walking to trout fishing, no good for stalking.

    Deerhunter - Didn't last long and were not very waterproof but were quiet and reasonable camo pattern. Don't think I'd have another pair but maybe good for light use.

    Cabelas - Various versions of their own brand camo waterproof trousers. Excellent job, some are a bit too warm for all but winter or highseat stalking. Seem to wear well and comfortable. Reasonable prices. My current pair is too warm for all year use but they get a lot of use in winter and were not expensive. Worth a try if you are in the US or if you fancy the risk/cost of getting some posted to you. Cabelas seem to have good service etc.

    Harkila - Got a pair of very lightweight Harkila Grizzly Brush trousers. Camo pattern a bit odd but doesn't work too badly on the hill. Didn't think they would last a week but they have and I'm still wearing them 4 months later. Swillington have them for 99 and worth it if you ask me. Sensible pockets, very waterproof. Not too warm. Comfortable. Have looked at the other, heavyweight, Harkila stuff and very good quality and most of it looks like it would survive but suspect it might be a bit hot for all but winter stalking on the hill but might do all year round in forest/high seat type stalking.

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