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Thread: Question on cleaning with a pull through

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    Question on cleaning with a pull through

    I've recently taken delivery of a second hand Browning .308 A-bolt. I was given a pull-through for cleaning (not a boresnake) which I believe is a military item made from some form of natural fibre with a loop for a patch and a brass weight on the end. It's use was demonstrated to me so I understood cleaning with patch and gun oil and I was told I needed the correct size patch for the pull through.

    However, when I've looked online for patches they seem to be for putting on a rod and pushed through and look smaller than the ones I used in the demonstration. Are these the same size when used with a pull through and, if not, does anyone have a source for where to get these from? Due to work hours it's not easy for me to get to a shop in person (which I intend to do at some point) so an online source would be useful in the mean time so that at least I'm cleaning it after each shooting outing.


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    A pull-through is better than nothing but not much better....

    Yes, generally you will need a larger patch that one used on a rod. To prevent muzzle damage you need to buy or make a muzzle protector. This serves as a guide to draw the cord through so you do not put the cord into contact with the edge of the crown and possibly causing damage there. Here are tow examples
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails muzzle protector.jpg   Another.jpg  

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    Thanks for that. Would a piece of natural fibre string and cloth really damage the metal crown of the barrel? I'm really surprised that might be the case.

    Cleaning rods/brushes would be better in your view? I'm new to this so gathering information on how best to look after my rifle.

    Also, it seems the military only ever use pull throughs from what the seller told me, are they that much worse than cleaning rods and, if so, how come the military don't use them. Genuine question. Thanks.
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    Its more about what attaches to the pull through by way dirt/grit. I think.

    A pull through is handy to have when in the field but in the den get a rod, jag and good patches.

    I'm not a lover of bore guides for rods as if you have a straight eye and similarly endowed arm with good coordination between the two you shouldn't need one.

    Just my view though.

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    You need fourbytwo patches for a pull through. Was originally for .303 but we used on 7.62mm (.308) all the way through my service:

    Cut a patch off and insert into the loop, then drop the weighted end into the barrel through the breech end and pull through the barrel in one continuous pull.

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    1st get a rod for home cleaning and push point and patches , or use 4"x2" you can buy it in a roll pull from chamber end to not damage the crown rip it at the red lines put there to make it easy for the common soldier soas not to get it stuck !!

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    What you have sounds like the pull through from the cleaning kit kept in the butt stock of a .303 Enfield.
    You will have to experiment, cutting a patch which is longer, rather than square, to fold over the loop. An old T-shirt is good.
    There were some brushes which hooked on that loop, too, and a brass oiler with dipper, which was later replaced with plastic.

    Go look at a more modern HK G3 pocket kit, which has all this in it, and uses a loop of wire which can take the same patches as a rod.

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    L1A1 (SLR) issue looks the same had two loops so you could patch and if stuck hook and pull out .,have mine still some place inc the tool. in its tin box .

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    Thanks gents, that sounds like exactly the stuff. I'll get some as a stop gap and then when I've a chance to go to the local gunshop I'll pick up a rod and push through patches of the appropriate size.

    Much obliged.

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    Bore guides are very helpful and provide protection to the chamber. They allow you to get a pretty tight fitting patch wrapped around the jag and then into the bore without it coming loose or falling off. Maintaining a tight wrap of the patch during that long transition from where you insert the jag/patch at the rear of the action until it reaches the throat of the barrel is is a trick, using a bore guide makes it much easier and some guides even have a small port where you can dribble in a little solvent on the patch before pushing into into the bore. I don't know anyone who is serious about maintaining their rifle properly that does not use one. Fortunately many bolt actions use a bolt with a diameter of 0.700" so if you buy an adjustable guide it can be used for several rifles. Only issue is the caliber, may need one each for rifles of 22, 7mm, 338 calibers. On my 45 caliber single-shots I have a 45-70 case that has been drilled out to allow a rod to pass through it. On the 50's I use a 50-70 case.


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