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Thread: Gun slips

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    Gun slips

    I have just had a moderator fitted and my gun no longer fits in its slip its not to long but the width of the muzzle is now wider and dose not allow the gun to go down properly I believe there is a market for the small rifle slip that will let most fellas carry the moderated rifle. I went to my gun shop he had a few rilfe slips but they were massive not what i would call discrete. What do you lads use.?

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    At the moment i am still using the Brady slip that my rifle came with. I am not a great fan of it, but it will take my 75 Finnlight, bipod & moderator. All be it a bit on the snug side.

    This is what I will buy, when funds allow;


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    It depends on what you want to use it for. I have a Brady canvas slip with leather patch covering the bolt. It keeps the rifle dry on the hill and is not too bulky to carry around all day. I also use it rolled up as a rest. IMHO just the ticket on the hill.

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    Gun slip


    That gun slip is nearly 100, Deerstalker is wanting one for less than a tenner!!

    delivered free.

    and he can pay it up

    by Visa

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    fits 2 fully assembled rifles with scopes, bipods and mods - just the job!

    ray ward gunsmith sell them - about 40

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    Hmmmm I would rather buy from anyone other than John Ward Ray his dad was a genuine chap and a gunsmith. In fact he started out as the Gunsmith for Continental Sports in Redhill Surrey before going on his own just up the road in Redhill. As I was born a few miles south Wards was a local gunshop and John is a rip off artist and he can do that easier in London than in Redhill in Surrey hence to move from Redhill .

    As the slip is a Berretta I am sure my local dealer can get one but I fear it might not be quite long enough the P-H 1200C is 123.5 cm with the Wildcat fitted but thanks for the links and ideas. I had been wondering about a suitable slip.

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    Sorry lads going off topic a bit here all i wanted was a small gun slip that had a wider end to allow me to put my moderated rifle in, Diesel is close with his comments but i would be willing to pay slightly more and not by VISA as i am Bankrupt and not allowed credit

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    i can make you one but it wont be a 10 and i dont take visa

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    Awwww more than a tenner

    Hmmmm how water proof are they?

    Seems that I have more saving up to do

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brithunter
    Awwww more than a tenner

    Hmmmm how water proof are they?

    Seems that I have more saving up to do
    i make my shot gun slips in the same way and mine was one of the first we did i gets used every time i shoot so it is around 9 years old last weekend we stood in heavy driving rain all day and it was not wet inside other than putting a wet gun into it.
    it all comes down to the treatment you use to feed the leather dubbing saddle soap fills the pours in the leather so that i cant breath we use kocholine and that really dose keep the weather at bay

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