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Thread: Great Wall?

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    Great Wall?

    It may well of been a topic before but not one that I have read, there for is there an opinion out there from either someone that owns one or that has previously owned one. My stalking ground is a good 6 hour drive so would be very interested in motorway driving and fuel consumption.
    Many thanks in advance for your comments.

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    Had one for a month when my navara was written off , total lack of power piss poor fuel economy and more rattles than bez's maraca's you really do get what you pay for. As a side note replaced truck with a ford ranger through the NGO scheme couldn't be more happy
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    Test drove one ,underpowered compared to my 03 L200 didn't persue a purchase .

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    Tried one before I bought another new Isuzu Rodeo. The Chinese have copied the Rodeo interior to a certain extent, but the quality of finish and build is poor. I have had 2 new Isuzu Rodeo's now and you cant beat them for quality of build, fuel consumption and comfort in my opinion.

    It will be interesting to see how many Great Wall vehicles are still around in a couple of years time!!
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    I also looked at them while buying my latest Rodeo, I believe they us an old Isuzu engine and well underpowered. I stuck with Isuzu.

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