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Thread: Bradley countertop food smoker

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    Bradley countertop food smoker

    Any one use the above as I am after a electric food smoker. I can smoke trout and salmon in my webber BBQ with great results but struggling with meat so need to make the move up.

    Or any other recommendations....

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    Bradley is pretty good - i have the one that looks like a fridge, but you do need to adapt it to cold smoke, it hot smokes well. I have a pal who bought the Q Pro (i think it's called) smoker with a cardboard (!) body. Has had good results with it, but the body will need replacing soon. The pro Q only cold smokes, and is quite cheap.

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    Cheers... Yeh I'm only really after to hot smoke allowing it to sit in my wood shed. Smoked goats cheese, duck breast, venison loin can't wait.
    may put a wanted up soon in class fields

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    I have recently bought a Brinkmann Trailmaster offset smoker from Costco. Whilst it's quite large it has produced some excellent hot smoke results so far. It takes a bit of swotting up on the subject via the net and you tube but so far really enjoying it. It can also serve as a dual conventional bbq.

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