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Thread: Highlands stalking

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    Highlands stalking

    Hi all,

    It's my big 30 this year and I thought of treating myself with a few days trying for reds on the hills.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on estates with good stalking, nice accomodation etc?


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    Ardermuchan Estate sorry about the spelling but its produces good beasts and is the real highland experience if you need a number contact me.

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    Ian at the Achadunan Estate Argyle..

    One of my most memorable stalks over some tough ground..

    Stacks of Deer and a hugely knowledgeable and fun guy..

    PM me if you want his number


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    I like the islands, maybe not your cup of tea but remote and a bit different and you can get great sport. I especially like Lewis/Harris and the stalking is wonderful there in my view. Extra travel etc. so not to all tastes.

    There is someone who posts on here by the name of Amhuinnsuidhe and it is one place that is worth looking at if you want to stay in castle etc. I suspect the Amhuinnsuidhe user on here goes there as a guest so a PM might get you some reports. I've fished the estate but never stalked on it. They occasionally do "mixed weeks" where you can book a room for the week at a reasonable rate, I think renting the whole castle is currently about £23k. However, there are other estates on the island were you can book some self catering and take a few days, fantastic stalking in my view. Not for everyone but here are some photos, if you are interested drop me a PM for a few numbers:

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    How can that not be anybody’s cup of tea fab views and photos.


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    Neil Rowantree

    Quote Originally Posted by Deerstalker2010
    Ardermuchan Estate sorry about the spelling but its produces good beasts and is the real highland experience if you need a number contact me.
    That would be Ardnamuchan Estate.

    an it is now managed by Neil Rowantree formerly of Corrour.

    Bitch to get to and better value elsewhere IMHO

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    Glenfeshie estate, 44000 acres of heaven and the keeper David Taylor in a local legend. I can also recommend The Suie hotel in Kincraig, Mike the owner guillies for the estate.

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    Well sorry i will pull that one back if its Rowantree it will be well over priced.

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    PM Mullbiker on here.

    Based in Mull (as the name suggests!!) trip

    Very nice chap, and plenty of deer. Came back from there Monday and the amount of great stags we saw was amazing. He also has quad bikes and an argo for extraction.

    The scenery is stunning too, this was my second up there with him, and just the ferry trip makes it feel like a real holiday


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