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Thread: At Catton on Saturday the 10th? Unopened tub of Ramshot Wild Boar powder?

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    At Catton on Saturday the 10th? Unopened tub of Ramshot Wild Boar powder?

    As above swap for?

    1 x Unopened tub of Ramshot TAC?

    2 x 100 boxes of .224 Hollow points? (Match or Exp) on ticket exchange.

    1 x 100 Sierra .308 Prohunter/Gameking 150/165gn SP? on ticket exchange.

    Or 30.00 in British 's? as I'm sorry can't eat that many Burgers.

    Or anything else interesting to me, what have you got???

    Important to note that any price variations will be equalised by being subject to negotiation in Burgers or Bacon sandwiches!

    PS, note well, that women and pets will not be considered for exchange.


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    Nothing to swap nor do I want to bu it - but ill catch up Saturday for a chat anyway!

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    Will look forward to it!


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