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Thread: Boys room/gun room

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    Boys room/gun room

    Hi guys

    after much debate I have managed to get one of the bedrooms in the house as a gun room. I will Be moving my safes into the room etc also a reloading table set up but was wondering what else I should put in it ?


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    A mortice lock on the door with thumb turn within for those uninterrupted evenings with Radio 3 and a glass or two of red.


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    A laptop, so's you can readily access SD!

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    everything you can get your hands on lol, if you have a room why restrict your guns to a cabinet, why not put a good frame on and solid door and have everything out on display, atb wayne
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    Let's not forget the beer fridge! (For non-shooting/reloading evenings) Of course.

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    Here's one wall of my cave. Unfortunately it's tiny. However, I also have the loft set up as a reloading space, so all's not lost.
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    Plenty of electrical sockets and additional lighting

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    Security door have a gun room not safes with a nice gun rack. Good lighting and a kettle.

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    A kettle so you got coffee on hand. A little fridge for the beers when you fancy one. A nice comfy chair. Tbh every you think ull need too leave it for. So then once your in you dont have too leave!!!
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    Bed, couch, tv, running water, toilet

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